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Thursday 10th jan at pizza express jazz club.. trio with Ian Shaw and Julian Arguelles

Wed 30th jan at the brand new e17 jazz venue with Babelfish..

Big Swedish tour with Emilia, and gigs with Ian Shaw, Perico Sambeat, Babelfish and Bobby Wellins to look forward to.. as well as a new trio record, and new albums from Emilia and Brigitte...

Friday 15th feb at the boxford fleece with emilia martensson.. sam lasserson (bass) and adriano adwiale (percussion)

Tuesday 19th feb at the 606, early set with emilia martensson qrt

Wed 20th feb at the fasching jazz club, stockholm with emilia martensson

Thursday 21st feb at the watermill, dorking with mjq project.. jim hart (vibes), matt ridlet (bass) and steve brown (drums)

Sat 23rd feb at pinner church with mjq project.

Friday 1st march at bournemouth jazz club with the ian shaw qrt

Wed 6th march at the spice of life with georgia mancio.. sam lasserson (bass) and jon scott (drums)

Sat 9th march at the archduke with bobby wellins qrt.. 10-midnight..mick hutton (bass) and gene calderazzon (drums)

Tuesday 12 march at the amersham arms with martin speake trio.. jeff williams (drums)

Sunday 17th march.. stratford upon avion hotel.. duo with alan barnes...

Friday 22nd march.. vossa festival, norway with the emilia martensson qrt..

Tuesday 26th march.. 606 club.. late set.. barry green trio!.. With oli hayhurst (bass) and gene calderazzo (drums)

Thursday 28th at kings place..trio with jeremy brown(bass) and steve keogh(drums)

Friday 29th march at kings place with perico sambeat qrt..great spanish alto player..chris hill(bass) and steve keogh(drums)...

Spring is almost here!.Had a great gig with Perico Sambeat at the recent kings place workshop...Recording a second album with the Emilia Martensson band in June!, with a two week Swedish tour in Oct..the MJQ album is almost ready, to be launched at Ronnie Scotts..And a tour with the great Dave Green in September..

friday 19th april at the lighthouse,poole with the MJQ project...Jim Hart(vibes), Matt Ridley(bass) and Steve Brown(drums)

monday 22nd april at the archduke,southbank..6:30-10:30,duo with the great Anita Wardell

thurday 25th april ,hornsey with Henry Lowther's "still waters"..with Pete Hurt(tenor), Dave Green(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)

monday 29th april at the archduke..duo with Tina May

Wednesday 1st May at Cheltenham jazz festival with the Emilia Martensson band..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Adriano Adwele(perc)

Monday may 6th at the archduke with Brigitte beraha

Sat 11th may at Kings Place with Emilia Martensson band

Friday 17th May..trio gig at Ajanis grill..this place is amazing!..with Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jeff William(drums)..

Friday 24th may at the boxford fleece with the MJQ project..Jim Hart(vibes), Matt ridley(bass) and steve Brown (drums)

Monday 27th may..duo at the archduke,southbank..6:30-10:30

Babelfish at the Albany..a new jazz night..Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)

Monday 3rd June at the archduke with Tudy Kerr(vocals)

Tuesday 11th june at the eastside jazz club with The Bobby Wellins qrt..Mick Hutton(bass)

Thursday 13th June at the New North Tavern with the stu butterfield qrt..Steve Watts(bass) and Steve Fishwick(trumpet)

Sunday 16th June at the arden hotel,stratford upon avon.12:30-3..duo with steve Fishwick(trumpet)..and then... The vortex jam session with the Hannes Riepler qrt

Monday 17th june at the archduke with Georgia mancio

Friday 21st june at Ajani's grill,Hornsey with the brigitte beraha trio..Dave Mannington(bass)

Sat 22nd June at Posk,hammersmith with Brigitte Beraha and Bobby Wellins

Thursday 27th June..jazz festival,Slovenia with Emilia Martensson

friday 28th June at the vortex with Babelfish

Sat 29th june at the naturist jazz festival! with the mjq project

Monday 1st July duo at the archduke..

wednesday 3rd July..the spice of life,soho with the anjali Perin qrt

Sunday 7th July at the 606 club with the Ian Shaw qrt

Monday 8th july trio at Ronnie scotts jam session..with Tristan Maillot(drums) and Jeremy Brown(bass)...

3 aug- 9 aug..loire jazz summer school..with brigite beraha(vocals),gareth lochrane(flutes),mark ridout(guitar) and tristan maillot(drums) year to the tenth anniversary!

10 aug..brecon jazz festival with the ian shaw qrt..mick hutton(bass) and gene calderazzo(drums)

14 aug ..606 late set..barry green trio with dave mannigton(bass), chris higgenbottom(drums)

18 aug- 23aug..loire jazz summer school..week two!...with anita wardell(vocals) and tristan maillot(drums)

24 ang ..highgate jazz festival..ian shaw trio with mick hutton..6pm..and then..

606 with the bobby wellins qrt..mick hutton,and gene calderazzo

25 aug..lunchtime at pizza express jazz club with the emilia martnesson band..sam lasserson(bass) and adriano adwele(perc)..and then..

Evesham theatre with the james torme qrt..sam lasserson and josh morrison..

Coming in september!...

Sept tour with the great Dave Green..featuring henry lowther and steve brown..

Scarborough jazz festival with ian shaw qrt,jim hart qrt and anita wardell qnt!

Tour of sweden inoct with the emilia martensson band..

just finished an amazing two week tour with the Emilia Martensson in Sweden..(good moron.).we watched Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette have dinner together!..

Working towards two trio records I'm recording in Systems two,Brooklyn,Nyc in Jan!One with Drew Gress and Tom Rainey and the other with Chris Cheek and Gerald Cleaver!watch this space!

25 and 26 oct..At Umea jazz festival,Sweden..with the Emilia martensson qrt..Sam Lassersson(bass) and Adriano Adwele(perc)..

1st nov at the Cellar door with Holly Penfield..amazing cabaret/jazz singer at an amazing secret venue

Thirsday 7th nov at the jazz nursery with the Sam Braysher qrt

Wed 13th nov at Charlie Wrights with the Anita Wardell qrt

Friday 15th nov at Symphony Hall foyer,Birmingham..duo with Emilia Martensson

London jazz festival...

Sat 16th nov at the vortex jazz club with Emilia Martensson qrt plus string qrt!...

Wed 20th nov at 606 jazz club..with the Bobby Wellins qrt...showing of a film about Bobby followed by a set from the qrt..