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It's going to be exciting 2012 with the Babelfish project (Brigitte Beraha,Chris Laurence and Paul Clarvis) reaching the mixing mastering stage..

Emilia Martensson's and my album "And so it goes.." is officially released on Babel records at the 606 jazz club on 29th Feb..

Green's Blue take on Blue note tunes with Gareth Lochrane,Henry Lowther,Trevor Mires,Oli Hayhurst and Jeff Williams are recording this year too..

Sunday 8th Jan at the Old red regular pub gig.Free entry!Great food and drink..With Rosalie Genay(vocals) and Oli Hayhurst (bass)..

Monday 9th Jan at the!My regular Monday eve solo gig..7:30-9:45

Wed 11th the Guildford jazz club with the Jim Hart qrt

Friday 13th Jan at the Soho Pizzeria with Orla Murphy

Sunday 15th Jan at the Old red cow.8-10:30 with Jim Hart(vibes)

Monday 16th Jan at the Archduke

Wed 18th Jan at the Spice of life,soho with Emma Smith and Kwabena Adejepong(vocals)

Sat 21st Jan at Posk,Hammersmith..with the Shireen Francis island project..Neville Malocolm(bass) and Kenrick Rowe(drums)

Sunday 22nd Jan at stratford Jazz club.Lunchtime..Duo with the legend Dave Green(bass)..and then..

The Old Red Cow with Mishka Adams(vocals)

Monday 23rd Jan at the Archduke

Sunday 29th Jan at the Old Red cow,with Kwabena Adjepong(vocals)

Monday 30th Jan at the archduke

Wed 1st Feb at the Spice of Life with Noemi Nuti and Alicia Hart(vocals)

Thursday 2nd Feb ..Mike Garrick tribute MJQ project with Jim Hart(vibes),Matt Ridley(bass) and Steve Brown(drums)..

"And so it goes"..Emilia Martensson's and my album on Babel released this out for reviews..big tour to follow

"Babelfish"..Brigitte Beraha and myself with Chris Laurence and Paul Clarvis..album recorded at Abbey rd to be released shortly

A trip to New York is happening very soon..recording there too!

Thursday 2nd Feb at the Bonnington theatre,Nottingham with Tribute to MJQ and Mike Garrick..Jim Hart(vibes),Matt Ridley(bass) and Steve Brown(drums)

Sunday 5th feb at the Old Red cow,Barbican..with Ian Shaw(vocals),Geoff Gascoyne(bass) and Dave Ohm(drums) local gig..great hang and food/ entry!

Monday 6th Feb..solo at the archduke,Southbank..7:30-9:45

Tuesday 7th Feb at the Lord Rockwood,Leytonstone with the John Altman big band

Sat 11th at the Archduke..duo set with Georgia Mancio..7:30-9:30..and then...Green's Blue Notes 10-midnight..with Henry Lowther(trumpet),Trevor Mires(trombone),Martin Speake(alto),Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums) by Bud Powell,Duke Pearson,Horace Silver,Kenny Dorham...

Sunday 12th Feb at the Old red cow..with Christine Tobin(vocals) and Dave Whitford(bass)

Monday 13th Feb at the archduke

Sunday 19th Feb at the North London tavern with Henry Lowther's "Still Waters"..with Pete Hurt(sax),Dave Green(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)..fantastic band at a fantastic musician run venue

Monday 20th Feb at the National theatre foyer with the Shireen Francis qrt..Julie Walkington(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)..5:45-7:15...and then..solo at the archduke 7:30-9:45

Thursday 23rd Feb at the Dysart arms,Richmond.Solo

Sunday 26th at the 606 jazz club..lunchtime.. with Shireen Francis' Island project..Neville Malcom(bass) and Kenrick Rowe(drums)..and then..

the old red cow..with Brigitte Beraha(vocals) and Chris Laurence(bass)..

Monday 27th Frb at the archduke..

Wed 29th Feb at the 606 jazz club.."And so it goes" album launch!!!..Emilia Martensson(vocals),Sam Lasserson(bass),Jon Scott(drums) and Adam Waldmann(sax)..

Sunday 4th March at Berkhamstead jazz club with MJQ/Mike Garrick tribute band...

"And so it goes"..Emilia Martensson and my Babel release has been getting fantastic reviews!..and airplay all over the place..On Jamie Cullum's show 6/3/12!..

Babelfish with Brigitte Beraha,Chris Laurence and Paul Clarvis is going to be the third release on my own label.Moletone records..Watch this space!!


Sunday 4th March at Berkhamstead jazz club,3:00 with Mike Garrick's tribute to the MJQ..Jim Hart(vibes),Matt Ridley(bass) and Steve Brown(drums)..and then..

606 club with Ian Shaw and special guest Christine Tobin!

Monday 5th March at the Ivy house,Chalfont st Giles with the Jim Hart trio..Mick Coady(bass)

Tuesday 6th March at the Lower Ground bar.9..with the Anita Wardell qrt..Jeremy Brown(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Wed 7th March at the Spice of life,soho..with Gill Manly and Sumudu..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Sat 10th March at the Archduke..10-midnight with the Bobby Wellins qrt..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Sunday 11th March at the old red cow,Barbican..with Henry Lowther(trumpet) and Steve Watts(bass) local,regular gig.amazing food and entry!

Monday 12th March at the archduke.Solo.7:30-9:45

Wed 14th March..jam session at Ronnie Scotts..11-late with the Andy Davies qrt

Friday 16th March at the Dysart arms.Richmond.Solo..7:30-10

Sunday 18th March at the Old Red Cow,Barbican with Anita Wardell(vocals) and Dave Whitford(bass)..

Monday 19th March..archduke.Solo

Tuesday 20th Match..GSMD Faculty concert

22-25 March mini tour with the Dave Friesen trio..featuring Martin Hathaway..22nd at GSMD,24TH at the Vortex jazz club..

Monday 26th March at the Archduke

...3 gigs with Babelfish!!!..Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis)

wed 28th March at E17 JAZZ,Walthamstow

Friday 30th at QEH FOYER

Sunday 1st April at the North London Tavern...

Thurday 29th March at the Hideaway with Shireen Farncis' Island Project..Neville Malcolm(bass) and Kenwick Rowe(drums)

The Babelfish album will be the third release on Moletone records! the next couple of months..

Gigs coming up with Emilia Martensson in Sweden..

Tuesday 3rd April.."In tune"..bbc3 radio with the great Deborah Brown 5:45-6:15

Wed 4th April..The spice of life,soho.8:30. with the Anita Wardell qrt..Jeremy Brown(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)..

Thursday 5th the National theatre foyer with the Shireen Francis qrt..Julie Walkington(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)..

6-9th April..Global Music Foundation course at King's place..with Bruce Barth,Deborah Brown,Jason Rebello..

6th april..late night jam at Pizza Express jazz club run by me..

Sat 7th April ..Kings place with the Jim Mullen/Jean Toussaint qnt..

Sunday 8th april..the old red cow, local entry..Georgia Mancio(vocals) and Andy Clyndert(bass)

Monday 9th April..solo at the Archduke

10-20th April..Playing,recording and inspiration in New York!

Sat 21st broadcast at King's place with the Martin Speake qrt..Chris Hyson(bass) and Tom Skinner(drums)

Sunday 22nd April..the Ian Shaw qrt at the Old red cow,Barbican

Monday 23rd at st Thomas' hospital..lunchtime gig with Babelfish..Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)..

then evening solo at the archduke..

wed 25th at Guys hospital..lunchtime gig with Babelfish..and then

Pizza Express jazz club with the Natalie Williams qrt..Jeremy Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Thirsday 26th at the Forge..with Emilia Martensson..with Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)...

dates for diary in May..

Tues May 8th ronnie Scotts late set with Dave Green(bass) and Gene Calderazzo(drums)

Wed 16th May 6060 Late set with Dave Green(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Babelfish album to be released on Moletone records!..album Launch at Pizza Express Jazz club on Sunday 15th July..

Wed May 16th Barry Green trio at the 606..late set - with Dave Green(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Thurs May 17th at the Hideaway with Emilia Martensson...Sam Lasserson(bass),Jon Scott(drums) and special guest Julian Siegal(tenor)

Sun May 20th..lunchtime gig..Stratrord upon avon with Nina Ferro(vocals) and Oli Hayhurst(bass)..and then

At the Old Red Cow..Barbican with Martin Speake(alto) and Sam Lasserson(bass)

Monday May 21st at the archduke,southbank..5:30-9:30 with Nina Ferro(vocals)

Thursday 24th May at the dysart arms,Richmond..solo gig

Friday 25th May at Oxford jazz club..tribute to Mike Garrick/MJQ..Jim Hart(vibes),Matt Ridley(bass) and Steve Brown(drums)

Sat 26th May with the Bobby Wellins qrt at the 606..Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)..Bobby is the Parlimentary Jazz awards musician of the year!

Sunday 27th May at Ronnie Scotts..lunchtime gig with the Tribut to MJQ project with special guest Alan Barnes..and then

The Old Red cow,Barbican.8-10:3..with Jim Hart(vibes)....

BABALFISH ALBUM LAUNCH...Sunday 15th July at pizza express jazz club..brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurance(bass) and Paul Clarcis(drums)..Album released on Moletone records..BOOK NOW!

Three nights at the pizza express jazz club in the London Jazz festival with alto legend Charles McPherson confirmed..

Gigs in Sweden with Emilia Martensson confirmed for later in the year..

Tuesday 19th June..the robert Elms show..2-3 with James Torme (vocals) and Alec Dankworth

Wed 20th June at the Spice of life with Alice Zawadski(vocals)..with Sam lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Sat 23rd June..late set at the Archduke.10-midnight..with the Bobby Wellins qrt..Dave Whitford (bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

monday 25th June at the Archduke..5:30-9:30 with Jackie Hicks(vocals)

Friday 29th June at Brighton jazz club with the Martin Speake qrt

Sunday 1st July at Cleethorpes jazz club with the tribute to the MJQ..with Jim Hart(vibes),Matt Ridley(bass) and Steve Bown(drums)

Monday July 2nd at the archduke..duo..5:30-9:30

Tuesday 3rd at Pizza Express jazz club with Shireen Francis' Island project..with Neville Malcolm(bass),Kenrick Rowe(drums)..

Wed 4th July with Henry Lowther's Still Way out west..with Pete Hurt(tenor),Dave Green(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)..

Thursday 5th July with Emilia Martensson at the Elgar rooms,RAH..9:45..With Jon Scott(drums) and Sam Lasserson)

Friday 6th July..Grenada jazz festival,Spain..with the Tina May qrt..Mark Hodgson(bass) and Albery Kramer(drums)

Sat 7th July..late set at the Archduke..with the Alex Garnett qrt..Mike Janisch(bass) and Andrew Bain(drums)..

Monday 9th July duo at the archduke..5:30-9:30

Sunday 15th July..Babelfish album launch at pizza express jazz club..Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis..We're excited to finally release this album..big tour following in Nov/Dec

Tuesday 17th July at the pizza Express jazz club with the John Altman qrt

Wed 18th July at the Spice of life,soho with Sarah Ellen Hughes(vocals)..

20th and 21st July at the pizza Express jazz club with Perico Sambeat qrt..Great Spanish alto player with Chris Hill(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)...

19th-24th aug at loire summer school with tristan maillot and anita wardell

25th aug at 606 jazz club with the bobby wellins qrt..with mick hutton(bass) and gene calderazzo(drums)

27th aug at fishguard festival,wales with babelfish..brigitte beraha(vocals)'chris laurence(bass) and paul clarvis(drums)

29th aug at the spice of life with emilia martensson(vocals)

...gigs to watch out for ..playing at the kings place festival in september with jim hart and emilia martensson..

Big tour with the great charles mcpherson during the london jazz festival,including three nights at pizza express jazz club..with jeremy brown(bass) and steve keogh(drums)...

Big tour with babelfish in late nov and dec..brigitte beraha and my project is now released on moletone records...with chris laurence(bass) and paul clarvis(drums)...

Babelfish album released on moletone records...available on amazon..big tour in late nov and dec...


Sept 14th at kings place..10:45 of the kings place festival..with the great vibes player Jim Hart

Sunday 16th Sept at the herts jazz festival with the Bobby Wellins qrt..lunchtime gig..Andy Clyndert(bass) and Spike Wells(drums)..and kings place..7pm..duo with Emilia Martensson...

Monday 17th sept at the archduke..5:30-9:30 with Georgia Mancio(vocals)

Sat 22 nd sept at the arcduke..10-midnight with the Bobby Wellins qrt...Mick hutton(bass) and Gene Calderazzo(drums)

Gigs to come...tour with Charles Mcpherson in spain and uk..including three nights at pizza express jazz club during the london jazz festival!

Oct and Nov..a very exciting London jazz festival week to look forward to..

Big Babelfish tour coming up in Nov/ joint project with Brigitte Beraha..with Chris Laurence and Paul Clarvis..

Sat 13th Oct at the 606 club with the Bobby Wellins qrt..with Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Sat 20th Oct at the archduke with James Torme(yes,Mel Torme's son!)..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Sun 21st..606 lunchtime with the Shireen Francis qrt..and then...606 evening with Ian Shaw..duo!

Tuesday 23rd ..the archduke with the great Anita Wardell..5:30-9:30 ...and then ..

Ronnie scotts late set with the Barry Green qrt..Oli Hayhurst(bass),Sam Crockatt(sax) and Gene Calderazzo(drums)..midnight to for musicians...

Wed 24th at the Vortex with Aylet Rose

Sat 27th at the Bordeaux jazz festival with Emilia Martensson..

Sat 3rd Nov at Ajanis venue..the Barry Green trio with Sam Lasserson(bass) and Steve Keogh( drums)

Sunday 4th Nov at Welyn garden city jazz club with the Alan Barnes qnt..featuring Adam King(bass) and Clark Tracey(drums)

Tuesday 6th Nov at Hastings jazz club with Martin Speake's Generations qrt with Dave Green(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)


Friday 9th Nov at Pizza Express jazz club with Emilia Martensson..with special guests..previewing some material form our upcoming album..

Sat 10th and Sunday 11th ...2 gigs in Spain with the Charles Mcpherson qrt..with Jeremy Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Tuesday 13th at Leeds College of Music with the Charles Mcperson qrt

Wed 14th at the Spice of life jazz festival special..with Emily Dankworth,Brigitte Beraha and Tina May..

Thursday 15- Sat 17th at pizza express jazz club with the Charles Mcpherson qrt...Charles is one if the living legends of the music..13 yrs in Charles Mingus' band!..late sets on Friday and Sat too..

Sat 17th..lunchtime gig at the Purcell room..a tribute to Mike Garrick..featuring Norma Winstone and Dave Green

Sunday 18th..tril at the dysart arms,richmond. With Dave Green(bass) and Alan Barnes(sax)...

Halfway through the babelfish tour..we've been getting great reviews..

Tuesday 4th dec at the stables,wavendon with Babelfish..brigitte beraha(vocals), chris laurence(bass) and paul clarvis (drums)..

Wed 5th dec at the spice of life,soho..with Malene mortensen(vocals)..sam lasserson(bass) and jon scott(drums)

Thursday 6th dec at the dysart arms,richmond..

Tuesday 11th dec at havant arts centre..babelfish with very special guest henry lowther(trumpet)

Wed 12th dec st.austell brwery..with babelfish

Thurs13th dec at umea jazz festival(sweden) with Emilia Martenson..duo gig in far northern sweden!

Friday 14th dec at the sage,gateshead..with Ian Shaw(vocals)

Sunday the slaughtered lamb..jam with Nia Lynn,Jim Hart and Dave Mannington