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Duo CD with Dave Green is finally out.."Turn left at Monday".. there will be a launch and tour later in the year..

Duo Cd with Emilia Martensson is recorded and ready...

As is "Babelfish".. my joint project with Brigitte Beraha..we recorded in Abbey Road in Dec 2010...

Sunday 2nd the Archduke,Southbank..Solo..7-9:30

Monday 3rd the Archduke..Solo..7:30-9:45

Tuesday 4th Jan at the Lowerground bar..with the Martin Speake qrt..

Friday 7th Jan at the Dysart arms,Richmond..7:45-10:30..Solo

Sunday 9th Jan.. at the Archduke

Wed 12th Jan at 69 Colebrooke Row.N1...Solo..amazing cocktail bar in Angel

Sun 16th Jan at the Archduke

Monday 17th Jan at Ronnie Scotts..Early trio set..7:30-8:15

Tuesday 18th Jan at Ronnie Scotts..Early trio set..7:30-8:15

Wed 19th Jan at the Green Man,Great portland st..with Babelfish..Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Pul Clarvis(drums)..

Thursday 20th Jan at Ronnie Scotts..Early set..with NY alto player Jim Snidero qrt..Jeremy Brown(bass) and Matt Home(drums)..7:30-8:15...and then..

The Spice oF Life..Old Compton st with the Jim Snidero qrt..

Sunday 23rd Jan at the Archduke

Tuesday 25th Jan at the Golden Lion,Sydenham..with The Spike Wells trio...Sam Lasserson(bass)

Wed 26th Jan at the Spice of Life...with Josh Kyle(vocals)

Thursday 27th Jan at the Dysart arms

Sunday 30th Jan at the archduke

Friday 4th Feb..Vortex fundraiser in Margate..with Ian Shaw and Jamie Cullum!

Sat 5th Feb in Copenhagen with the Ian Shaw qrt...

Sat 5th Feb at the Winter Gardens,Margate..with Jamie Cullum,Ian Shaw,Christine Tobin and Liane Carroll..

Sat 12th Feb at Margate Hrbour cafe with Ian Shaw

Monday 14th Feb with Trudy Kerr at Roast,London bridge..Oli Hayhurst(bass)

Sat 19th Feb at The archduke,southbank with Brigitte Beraha..7:30-9:30

Sun 20th Feb at the Archduke..solo

Tuesday 22nd Feb at the Lord Rockwood with the John Altman big band

Sunday 27th Feb at the Archduke

Wed 2nd March at the Spice of life..Heidi Vogel(vocals)..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Josh Morrison(drums)

Sat 5th March at the National theatre foyer with Dave Green (bass) at 1-2..and then with Henry Lowther..5:45-7:15

Sat 12th March at the Archduke with the Bobby Wellins qrt..with Mick Hutton(bass) and James Maddren (drums)

30th March to 2nd April at Pizza Express jazz club with the Charles McPherson qrt..Jeremy Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)..

Sat 5th March at the national theatre foyer..1-2 with Dave Green (bass) and 5:45-7:15 with Henry Lowther(trumpet)

Thursday 10th The Vineyard,upper st,Angel with Nia Lynn(vocals) and Sam Lasserson(bass)

Friday 11th March..solo at the Dysart arms.Richmond

Sat 12th March at the Archduke.Late set.10-12 with the Bobby Wellins qrt..Mick Hutton(bass) and James Maddren(drums)

Sunday 13th March..solo at the Archduke..7-9:30

Thursday 17th march at the Vineyard,Angel with the Nia Lynn trio

Friday 18th March at the City Pipe with the Trudy Kerr qrt

Sat 19th March at the archduke.7:30-9:30 with Emilia Martensson(vocals)

Sun 20th March at the Archduke.solo

Thursday 24th March at the Croydon Clocktower with Henry Lowther (trumpet),Art Theman(tenor) and Dave Green (bass)..12:15-2...and then...

Thursday evening 24th March at the Vineyard with Nia Lynn trio

Sat 26th March at the 606 jazz club with the Bobby Wellins qrt

Sunday 27th March at the Criterion,picadilly circus with the Shireen Francis trio

Wed 30th March-Sat 2nd April at Pizza Express jazz club with the Charles Mcpherson qrt..Jez Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Sunday 3rd March at the Colchester arts centre with the Mick Hutton qrt..Don Weller(tenor) and Paul Robinson(drums)..

1st-5th April..teaching on the Premises studio course with Ian Shaw..

News..News..News..Great reviews for Barry Green and Dave Green's "Turn left at Monday" on Moletone records..

...Barry and Emilia Martensson's album "An so it goes.." signed to Babel records for an October release..

Sat 9th April at the Archduke with Brigitte Beraha...7:30-9:30

Sunday 10th April at the Riverside house..album launch with Martin Speake's generations qrt..Dave Green(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Tuesday 12th April with Brigitte Beraha at the Vortex,Stoke Newington..guests at Mishka Adams' Laro night

Wed 13th April at the 606 with the Shireen Francis qrt.early set.Launch of Shireen's album..Julie Walkington(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)..

Thursday 14th April at the City pipe..with Christine Tobin(vocals)

Sat 16th April..late set at the Archduke with the Heidi Vogel qrt..10-midnight

Sun 17th April at the national theatre foyer..1-2:15 with Dave Whitford(bass) and Jim Hart(vibes)..

Sunday 17th April at the archuke..7-9:30..Solo

Sunday 1st May.Lunch at the Green dragon,Croyden..with the Martin Speake qrt..Jeff Williams(drums) and Sam Lasserson(bass)..AND THEN...

Sunday 1st May .9 pm at the North London Tavern,375 Kilburn High rd..with Green's Blue Notes..debut gig! Gareth Lochrane(flute),Henry Lowther(trumpet),Trevor Mires(trombone),Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Wed 4th May at the Spice of life,Soho..with Trudy Kerr(vocals),Adam King(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Thursday 5th May at the dysart arms..solo

Friday 6th May at Soho Pizzeria with Orla Murphy(vocals)

Sunday 8th May at the archduke,southbank..solo

"Turn left at Monday"...duo album with Dave Green.Getting great reviews..available on Moletone records

"And So it Goes..." with Emilia Martensson is released on Babel records in October

Babelfish..with Brigitte Beraha,Chris Laurence and Paul Clarveis is just about to be mastered!...

Tuesday 17th May..At Ronnie Scotts with the Ronnie Scotts allstars..Laurence Cottle(bass) and Mark Fletcher(Drums)...and then

606 late set with the Spike Wells trio..Sam Lasserson(bass)

Wed 18th the Spice of life with Anita Wardell and Brigitte Beraha(vocals)..Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums).

Thursday 19th May at Ronnie Scotts with the Ronnie's all stars..Laurence Cottle(bass) and Jeremy Stacey(drums)

Sunday 22nd May at the Archduke,Southbank with Brigitte Beraha.1:30-4:30..and then Solo..7-9:30..

Wed 25th May at the Woodman,Sevenoaks with the Shireen Francis qrt

Thursday 26th May at the Dysart Arms,Richmond..solo

Sunday 29th May at the Archduke..solo.7-9:30

Wed 1st June at the Spice of Life with Jessica Thandi(vocals)..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Sunday 5th June at the North London Tavern with Emilia Martensson(vocals)

Wed 8th June at the Green Man,Great Portland st..With Green's Blue Notes.My new band!.Martin Speake(sax),Henry Lowther(trumpet),Trevor Mires(trombone),Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Sat 11th June at the National theatre foyer with Emilia Martensson..1-2 ...and 5:45-7:15..

Sunday 12th June at the Archduke...7-9:30

Tuesday 14th June..recording with the John Altman Big Band at Pinewood studios

Thursday 16th June at the Vineyard,Angel..with the Nia Lynn trio

Friday 17th June at the Dysart Arms.Richmond..Solo

Sat 18th June at the 606 with the Bobby Wellins qrt..Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Future dates!!

Green's Blue notes..Monday 11th July at the Oxford,Kentish Town

"Turn Left at Monday" albume launch..Dave Green(bass),special guest Henry Lowther(trumpet)..Tuesday 19th July at the 606

20th-23rd of July with Deborah Brown qrt at Pizza Express jazz club

Exciting news...

Duo album with Emilia Martensson, "And so it goes...", to be released on Babel records in October..we're also touring that month..

Duo album with Dave Green,"Turn Left at Monday", on Moletone records getting great reviews..our album launch with special guest Henry Lowther is on Tues July 19th at the 606 club

Joint project with Brigitte Beraha, "Babelfish" is in the final mastering this space..


Thursday 23th June at the Vineyard,upper st..with Steve Fishwick(trumpet) and Sam Lasserson(bass).Free!8-10.

Sat 25th June at the Stables,Wavendon with Mark Bassey/Malcolm Smith qnt..2-5..Tim Thornton(bass) and Matt Skelton(drums)..and then.

Margate festival of song..8pm..With Christine Tobin's Tapestry unravelled..

Sunday 26th June at the Archduke,southbank..7-9:30

Wed 29th June.Early set at the 606.Barry Green/Brigitte Beraha qrt with Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Sunday 3rd July at the arcduke.7-9:30

Friday 8th July.Solo at the dysart arms,Richmond.7:45-10:30

Sunday 10th July at Hugo's with Brigitte Beraha

Monday 11th July at the Oxford,Kentish town with Green's Blue Notes...Gareth Lochrane(Flute),Henry Lowther(trumet),Trevor Mires(trombone),Sam Lasserson(bass) and Josh Morrison(drums)...classic rarely played blue note tunes..

Wed 13th at the Spice of Life with Polly Gibbons and Billy Boothroyd(vocals)..Sam Lassserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Thursday 14th of July at Pizza Express Jazz club with the Shireen Francis qnt.Album Launch

Sunday 17th July at the Archduke.7-9:30

Tuesday 19th July..Album launch of "Turn Left at Monday" with Dave Green(bass).Early set at 606 jazz club..with very special guest Henry Lowther(trumpet)

Thursday 21st-sat 23rd July at Pizza Express jazz club with Deborah Brown qrt..Jez Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)..

...Barry Green and Emilia Martensson duo album "And so it goes.." released on Babel records in October..We have a jazz services tour and some gigs in the London jazz festival..WATCH THIS SPACE!!...

Wed 7th September at the spice of life,soho..featuring Kwabena Adjepong(vocals)..Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Winston Clifford(drums)

Monday 12th Sept..Regular solo gig at the Archduke,southbank..Free..7:30-9:45

Wed 14th Sept at the Woodman,Sevenoaks with the Shireen Francis qnt..Gareth Lochrane(flute),Julie Walkington(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Thursday 15th at the Dysart arms,Richmond..solo

Sat 17th at the Old Red Cow..NEW REGULAR SAT EVE GIG AT MY food and drink..with Georgia Mancio(vocals) and Adam King(bass)

Monday 19th at the Archduke

Tuesday 20th at the 606 club.Early Set.with the Adam Glasser qrt

Wed 21st Sept at the Spice of Life with Shireen Francis qrt

Sat 24th at the Old Red Cow..featuring Brigitte Beraha(vocals)

Sunday 25th at the North London Tavern,Kilburn.Great musician run gig..with Green's Blue Notes..Gareth Lochrane(flute),Henry Lowther(trumpet),Trevor Mires(trombone),Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Monday 26th September at Olivers,Greenwich with the Trudy Kerr qrt

Wed 28th Sept at the Green Man,great portland street..BABELFISH!..with Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)..the album is ready and waiting..

Sat 1st Oct at the Old Red Cow..with Anita Wardell(vocals) and Dave Whitford(bass)..

Monday 3rd Oct at the Archduke

Tuesday 4th Oct at the Lower Ground Bar,west Hampstead..with Green's Blue Notes..Gareth Lochrane(flute),Trevor Mires(bone),Henry Lowther(trumpet),Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)..

.."And so it goes" released this month on Babel records..Emilia Martensson and me..and we have a lovely tour this month followed by gigs in the London jazz festival..

Tues 4th Oct at the Lower Ground bar,West Hampstead with Green's Blue band playing Blue Note tunes..9 start..with Henry Lowther(Trumpet),Trevor Mires(trombone),Gareth Lochrane(Flute),Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)..and special guest Brigitte Beraha(Vocals)

Wed 5th Oct at the Spice of life,soho..with Heidi Vogel(vocals)..Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Tristan Maillot(Drums)

Thursday 6th Oct at the Dysart arms,Richmond..7:45-10:30..solo

Friday 7th Oct at the Symphony hall foyer,Brimingham with the Laura Collins qrt..Mick Hutton(bass) and Miles Levin(Drums)

Sat 8th Oct..shrewsbury jazz club with the Laura Collins qrt

Monday 10th Oct at Ronnie Scotts upstairs with Renato d'aillo qrt..with Chris Higinbottom(Drums)

Wed 12th Oct at Pizza Express Jazz club with Georgia Mancio(vocals) and Bobby Wellins(tenor)

Sat 15th Oct at the Old Red Cow,Barbican with Trudy Kerr(Vocals) and Steve Watts(bass)..Free gig in my fantastic local pub..9-11:30

Sunday 16th Oct..Listen out for Emilia and my interview with Helen Mayhew on Jazz fm..1-2

Monday 17th Oct..ALBUM LAUNCH.."And so it goes"..Emilia Martensson(vocals)..with Julian Siegal(tenor),Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)..

Wed 19th Oct at the Bulls head with the Martin Speake qrt..Chris Hyson(bass) and Josh Morrison(drums)

Sat 22nd Oct at the Old red Cow,Barbican with Nia Lynn(vocals) and Oli Hayhurst(bass)..9-11:30

"And so it goes.."tour Emilia Martensson and myself with Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)..

Sunday 23rd Oct at the Willow tree..

Monday 24th Oct at North Devon Jazz Club,Appledore

Tuesday 25th Oct at St.Ives jazz club,Cornwall

Wed 26th Oct at Dempseys,Cardiff

Friday 28th Oct at the Harbour cafe,Margate

We're excited.Please come..

Sat 29th Oct at the Archduke with Anjali Perin qrt

Sunday 30th Oct at Seven Jazz with the Fini Bearman qrt

Monday 31st Oct at the Archduke,solo..7:30-9:45

Nov 1st at the National theatre foyer with Emilia Martensson..5:45-7:15...


Thursday 10th Nov at the Spice of life with Green's Blue Notes with special guest Jim Hart(vibes)

and Sat 19th Nov at the Archduke with the Bobby Wellins qrt..Mick Hutton(bass) and Gene Calderazzo(drums)..

London Jazz festival..could it be the best one ever..the most happening place to be as a jazz musician (just below NYC)...

Tuesday 8th November at the Lord Rockwood in Leytonstne with the Henry Lowther qnt..Pete Hurt(tenor),Steve Watts(bass) and Clive Fenner(drums)

Wed 9th Nov..Live radio show in Brixton..with Me and Emilia Martensson,talking about our new record on Babel.."And so it goes"

Thursday 10th Nov at the Spice of life,soho with Green's Blue notes..recording in early 2012..Henry Lowther(trumpet),Trevor Mires(bone),Martin Speake(alto),Oli Hayhurst(bass),Jeff Williams(drums)..and special guest Jim Hart(vibes)..

Friday 11th at Ray's Jazz,Foyles..6-6:30 with Emilia Martensson..our first festival gig!

Sunday 13th Nov at the Green Note,Camden with Emilia Martensson,Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Tuesday 15th Nov at the archduke..solo

Wed 16th Nov.Spice of life jazz festival special..Trudy Kerr,Nia Lynn and Anjali Perin(vocals),Dave Whitford(bass),Jim Hart(drums) and Gareth Lochrane(flute)

Thursday 17th Nov at Royal Albery Hall cafe consort with Emilia Martensson..lunctime at 12..

Sat 19th Nov at the Achduke with the Bobby Wellins qrt..10-12..Mick Hutton(bass) and Gene Calderazzo(drums)

Sunday 20th Nov lunchtime at the Green Dragon,croydon..with Martin Speak'es Generations qrt..Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)..and then..

My regular Sunday eve gig at the Old Red Cow,Barbican.Great pub.8-10:30 with Fini Bearman(vocals) and Dave Mannigton(bass)

Monday 21st Nov at the Archduke..solo

Friday 25th Nov at the Dysart arms,Richmond..solo

Sat 26th Nov at Midland arts centre with the Bobby Wellins qrt..Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Sunday 27th Nov at the Old Red Cow,Barbican..8-10:30 with Emma Smith(vocals) and Tim Thornton(bass)

Mon 28th Nov at the archduke..solo

Tuesday 29th Nov at the 606 jazz club.Late set with the Barry Green trio..Dave Whitford(bass) and Jim Hart(vibes)