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Tuesday 3rd Feb at The stables,Wavenden with Martin Speake's generatons qrt - Dave Green (bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Wednesday 4th Feb at Pizza Express jazz club,Dean st with Martin Speake's generations qrt

Thursday 5th with Martin Speake's generations qrt

Friday 6th Feb at Brighton jazz club with The Mick Hutton qrt - with Andy Panayi(sax) and Paul Robinson(drums)

Sat 7th At Huddersfield jazz club with Martin Speake's generation qrt

Sun 8th with Martin Speake's generation qrt

Mon 9th Solo gig at the Dysart arms,135 Petersham rd,Richmond.TW10.FREE

Wednesday 11th Feb at the Others, 6-8 Manor rd.N16.8:30 ...Improvising qrt with Ingrid Laubrock(sax), Olie Brice(bass) and Javier Carmina(drums)

Thursday 12th Feb at The Plough.Walthamstow.E17....with Ingrid Laubrock, Oli Hayhurst(bass) and very special surprise guest

Sat 14th Feb at the National theatre foyer,5:45 with The Shireen Francis qrt

Monday 16th Feb at the National theatre foyer,5:45. Duo with the great tenor player Bobby Wellins

Wed 18th Feb with Martin Speake's generations qrt

Thursday 19th Feb at Octave,Endell st,covent garden with Martin Speake's generations qrt.Sam Lassersson plays bass for the rest of the tour...

Friday 20th at the Dysart arms...solo gig

Tuesday 24th at St.Ives jazz club with Martin Speake's generations qrt

Wed 25th at Torquay jazz club with Martin Speake's generations qrt

26th-28th Feb In Wales with Martin Speake's generations qrt

Saturday 28th March with the Bobby Wellins qrt at the 606...90 Lots rd,SW10...with Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Sunday 1st March at Black Mountain jazz club,Wales with Martin Speake's Generations...with Sam Lassersson(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)

Friday 6th March - The Barry Green trio at Pizza Express jazz Club,Dean st...with Sam Lasstone(bass) and Tim Giles(drums)

Tuesday 10th March at Octave,Endell st, Covent garden.8:00...with Natalie Williams

Wednesday 11th March at Barnstaple sculpture gardens with Martin Speake's Generations

Friday 13th March at The Isle of White jazz club with Martin Speake's Generations

Tuesday 17th March at the Lord Rockwood,314 Cann Hall rd,E11...with Martin Speake,Sam Lassersson and Clive Fenner(drums)

Wednesday 18th march at the National theatre foyer with Brigitte Beraha(vocals) and Robbie Robson(trumpet)

Sat 21st March at Colchester University with The Ingrid Laubrock qnt...Larry Bartley(bass), Stu Ritchie(drums) and Ben Davis(cello)

Tuesday 31st March at 606 Jazz club with the Ingrid Laubrock qrt

Thursday April 2nd at Nottingham jazz club with the Mick Hutton Band...with Andy Panayi(tenor) and Paul Robinson(drums)

Sat 4th April at the Vortex with the Ingrid Laubrock qnt

Sunday 5th April at Hugos with The Shireen Francis qrt..Julie Walkington(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Wednesday 8th April - The Barry Green trio at the 606,late set...with Jeremy Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)...

New gigs....

Thurday 9th April at Octave,endell st, covent garden.9-11:30...with the Martin Speake qrt,with Sam Lassersson(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Sunday 12th April at Jagz at Ascot.1-3:30...with Tommy Whittle,Barbara Jay and Clark Tracey(drums)

Tuesday 14th April at Octave, endell st...8-10:30...with Dave Green(bass)

Friday 17th April at Octave.9-11:30...With Christine Tobin(vocals)

Sat 18th April at 606,Lots rd...with The Bobby Wellins qrt with Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Monday 20th April.Solo gig at the Dysart arms,Richmond.

23rd-27th April...Barcelona concerts with the Peter King qrt with Jez Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Wednesday 29th April at The Spice of Life,Old compton st with Anita Wardell(vocals)

Friday 1st May at The Bebop club,Bristol with The Mick Hutton qrt with Andy Panayi(tenor) and Paul Robinson(drums)

Tuesday 5th May at Charlie wrights with The Martin Speake qrt.

Wednesday 13th May at 606 - early set - with the Martin Speake qrt

Friday 15th May at the Crypt,Camberwell with The Martin Speake qrt

Sunday 17th May at The Riverhouse,surrey with the Martin Speake qrt

Sunday 17th May at The Riverhouse,Walton on Thames with Martin Speakes generations...Dave Green(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)...Live recording of our second album!

Wednesday 20th May at The Spice of Life,Old compton st with Christine Tobin(vocals)...Dave Mannington(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Sat 23rd May at the 606 club with the Bobby Wellins qrt...Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Sunday 24th May at Ronnie Scotts..The Barry Green trio with Jeremy Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)...6:30-7:30,supporting Joe Lovano!

Wed 27th May at The National theatre foyer.5:30.With Martin Speakes generations qrt

Thurs 28th May at Cafe Jazz,Cardiff with Martin Speakes generations qrt

Friday 29th May.Solo gig at the Dysart arms,Petersham rd.

Mon 1st - Wed 3rd June, at Ronnie Scotts jazz club with the Mick Hutton qrt...Andy Panayi(tenor) and Paul Robinson(drums)...suporting Kenny Garrett!

Friday 5th June at Octave,Endell st with The Mick Hutton qrt

Wednesday 10th June at the 606 club,Lots rd...eary set with The Mick Hutton qrt...Andy Panayi(sax) and Paul Robinson(drums)AND late set with the Al Rushton qrt...Mark Hodgson(bass) and Greg Heath(sax)

Thurs 11th June.Solo gig at the Dysart arms,Richmond.

Monday 5th June.SHOWSTOPPER - THE MUSICAL.7:30.At the King's Head,Upper st,Angel.Amazing improvised musical.Steve Keogh(drums) and I improvise songs with the cast in different styles..very exciting!!!

Wed 17th June at the Spice of Life,Old Compton st.With Polly Gibbons(vocals),Sam Lasserson(bass) and Jon Scott(drums)

Fri 19th June at the Symphony Hall foyer,Birmingham with The Mick Hutton qrt

Sat 20th June at the 606 club with The Bobby Wellins qrt...with Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Tues 23rd June at The Glasgow international Jazz festival with the Bobby Wellins qrt

Thurs 25th June.Teinmouth with the Mick Hutton qrt.

Fri 26th June.Hosting new late night jam session at Pizza Express jazz club,dean st...11:30pm start.Come down!!

Sun 28th June.Festival with Martin Speake's Generations qrt

Mon 29th June.SHOWSTOPPER-THE the King's head,Angel.7:30.

Tuesday 30th June.Duo with Dave Green(bass) at Octave,endell st,covent grd.Watch out for our upcoming album.

Sat 4th July in Granada,Spain.With The Peter King qrt...Jez Brown(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Thurs 9th July.Solo gig at the Dysart arms,Richmond

Friday 10th July.Hosting late night jam session at Pizza Express jazz club.

Sat 11 july-16th July...teaching and performing on jazz course in Krk,Croatia...with Jez Brown(bass),Steve Keogh(drums) and Gilad Atzmon(sax)..

Wed 22nd July at The Spice of Life,Old compton st with Brigitte Beraha...Dave Mannington(bass) and John Blease(drums)

Fri 24th July at the Dysart Arms,Richmond...solo gig

Fri 31st July...Hosting the new Pizza Express Jam session..Midnight-3:am! Free for musicians!

6-8th Aug...Gig and competition in Lyon,France with Brigitte Beraha

9-14th Aug...Teaching/performing on Loire Summer School with Tristan Maillot(drums) and Anita Wardell(vocals)

Fri 14th Aug...Hosting Pizza Express Jam session

Wed 19th Aug at the Spice of Life with Heidi Vogel(vocals)

Fri 21st Aug at The Cellar Door,Aldwych with the Legend Holly Penfield

Mon 24th Aug...National Theatre foyer...7-7:50...with Alan Barnes(sax)

25 and 26th Aug...Recording album with Laura Collins(vocals)...with Jeremy Brown(bass) and Matt Skelton(drums)

9-14th August...Teaching at Loire vocal jazz summer school,with Tristan Maillot and Anita Wardell

14th August...Pizza Express jam session.Midnight-3am!...with Phil Donkin(bass) and Josh Morrison(drums)

16th August...Merlin's Cave,Bucks..with Jim Hart(vibes) and Steve Brown(drums)

18th-23rd August..Teaching at Certaldo Jazz course,Tuscany.Global music foundation...With Steve Keogh,Pete Churchill and Edward Simon

24th August...National theatre foyer with Alan Barnes(sax)...7 - 7:50

25,26th Aug...recording with Laura Collins(vocals)... with Jeremy Brown(bass),Matt Skelton(drums) and Dick Pearce(trumpet)

27th Aug...Solo gig at the Dysart Arms,Richmond

September 2nd...The Spice of Life,soho with Sarah Ellen Hughes.Sam Lasserson(bass) and John Blease(drums)

September 4th...jazz/poetry concert in Holyhead,Wales

6-22nd September...Food,jazz and travelling in Spain

22nd September...606 club.Late set.With The Spike Wells trio.Sam Burgess(bass)

23rd September...Spice of life,Soho..  with Emilia Martinsen

25th September...Solo at the Dysart Arms,richmond ...then...

25th September...Pizza Express Jam session.Midnight-3am!!Free for musicians.

Friday 2nd Oct - Alex Garnett qrt in East Dulwich...and then

Friday 2nd Oct - Pizza Express,Dean st.Jam session.Midnight-3am!Free for musicians(or £5)...getting better and better - with Josh Morrison(drums) and Dan Farrant(bass)

Sat 3rd Oct - 606 jazz club with the Bobby Wellins qrt - Dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Friday 9th Oct - Dysart Arms.Solo gig in Richmond..and then

Friday 9th Oct - Pizza Express jam.Midnight-3am.

Sat 10th Oct - Marsden jazz festival with the Ian Shaw qrt...with Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Mark Fletcher(drums)

Tuesday 13th Oct - Alimentum jazz club,Cambridge with the Jim Hart qrt

Thursday 15th Oct - The spice of Life,soho with the Andy Davis qrt

Fri 16th Oct - the Pizza Express jam session.Midnight-3am

Wed 21st Oct - The Others.Stoke Newington.Improv gig with Ingrid Laubrock(sax),Oli Brice(bass)and Javier Carmona(drums)

Friday 23rd - the pizza express jam session.Midnight-3am.

Sat 24th - the Archduke winebar with Brigitte Beraha(vocals) and Dave Mannigton(bass)

Thursday 15th Oct...The Spice of Life,Old Compton st.With the Andy Davies qrt

Friday 16th Oct.Pizza Express Jam session.Midnight-3am!Free for musicians or £5..with Adam King(bass) and Andy Chapman(drums)

Sunday 18th Oct...Zetter hotel,Farringdon..with Liz Fletcher(vocals)

Wednesday 21 Oct..The Others,Stoke Newington..Improv gig with Ingrid Laubrock(sax), Oli Brice(bass) and Javier Carmona(drums)

Friday 23rd..Pizza Express jam session...with Pete Randall(bass) and John Blease(drums)

Sat 24th Oct at the Archduke winebar..11-1am.With Brigitte Beraha(vocals) and Dave Mannington(bass)

Sun 25th.Showstopper the musical...amazing Improvised musical.Greenwich theatre

Thursday 29th.Showstopper the musical at the Leciester square theatre

Friday 30th at the Crypt,Camberwell church st with the Ingid Laubrock qnt.Our first gig in a while!Larry Bartley(bass),Ben Davis(Drums) and Stu Ritchie(drums)

Sunday 1st Nov at The Pangea Project,Stamford hill.One of my favourite places ever.New project with Emilia Martinsen(vocals)playing James Taylor tunes...

2-12...Jazz and food research in NYC

Friday 13th Nov...Pizza Express jam session.Midnight-3am!


Sunday 15th Nov at 606 jazz club..with the Ian Shaw qrt..Oli Hayhurst(bass) and Mark Fletcher(drums)

Wednesday 18th Nov.Spice of life special with Anita Wardell,Natalie Williams and Emma Smith...Jeremy Brown(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Friday 20th...Pizza Express jam session.Midnight-3am!

Sat 21st..Broadcast on Resonance FM with the Brigitte Beraha trio..

Wed 18th November-London jazz festival special-The spice of life,Old Compton st.7:45...with Emma Smith,Natalie Williams and Anita Wardell(vocals)..Jeremy Brown(bass) and Tristan Maillot(drums)

Friday 20th November-Pizza Express jam session,Dean st.midnight-3am!Free for musicians!..with Dan Farrant(bass) and Steve Keogh(drums)

Sat 21st November - live radio broadcast with Brigitte Beraha on Resonance fm

Sun 22nd November - The Frank Griffith Nonet at Pizza on the Park..Henry Lowther(trumpet),Alex Garnett(sax),Paul Clarvis(Drums)

Tuesday 24th November at the Lord Rockwood,Leytonstone..With Carlos Lopez-real(alto),Mike Coady(bass) and Clive Fenner(drums)

Thurdsay 26th Nov at the dysart arms,Richmond.Solo gig.FREE!

Friday 27th Nov...National theatre foyer.5:45-7:15.First gig of Babelfish!New band co-led with Brigitte Beraha(vocals)..Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)

then...Friday 27th Nov...Pizza Express jam.Midnight-3am!free for musicians!

Sat 28th Nov at the 606 jazz club with the Bobby Wellins qrt...dave Whitford(bass) and Dave Wickins(drums)

Mon 30th Nov at Quaglinos with Shireen Francis(vocals)

Tuesday 1st Dec at The oxford,Kentish Town..With Babelfish..Brigitte Beraha(vocals),Chris Laurence(bass) and Paul Clarvis(drums)

Wed 2nd Dec at The Old Red cow,Long lane, gig at a great pub.Bary Green/Martin Speake qrt with Sam Lasserson(bass) and Josh Morrison(drums)

Thurday 3rd Dec at the Dysart arms,Richmond.Solo gig Free!

Friday 4th Dec at Kettle's yard,Cambridge with the Mick Hutton qrt...Any Panayi(sax) and Paul Robinson(drums)

Friday 18th Dec at the Dysart arms..solo gig.Free!

Sat 19th Dec at the Hideaway,Streatham...with the Bobby Wellins qrt.Andy Clyndert(bass) and Spike Wells(drums)

Wed 23rd Dec at the National theatre foyer.5:45-7:15.with Martin Speake's generations..Jeff Williams(drums) and Dave Green(bass)

Wed 30th Dec at the Nationational theatre foyer.5:45-7:15 with Shireen Francis(vocals) and Julie Walkington(bass)