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25-03-14606 jazz club - Barry Green trio with oli hayhurst(bass) and Jeff Williams(drums)
23-03-14Pizza Express jazz club - Barry Green and Matt Robinson on pianos with Emma Smith(vocals)...part of the Steinway festival
22-03-14Pizza Express jazz club - One time only!Barry Green and Liam Noble on pianos with Fini Bearman(vocals)...part of the Steinway festival
22-03-14The Vortex - Bobby Wellins qrt..with Dave Whitford(bass) and Deve Wickins(drums)
02-02-14Steeles Hampstead - with the Mick Coady qrt
01-02-14Southport Jazz Festival - with The MJQ project. Matt Ridley(bass), Jim Hart(vibes) and Steve Brown (drums)
29-01-14606 Jazz Club - Early set with the Emilia Martensson qrt. Sam Lasserson(bass) and Adriano Adwele (perc)
27-01-14Ronnie Scotts - Late set. Barry Green trio with Olie Hayhurst (bass) and Jeff Williams(drums. Set at 11 followed by Jam hosted by the great Alex Garnett.
26-01-14606 Jazz Club - with Ian Shaw
25-01-14Vortex - with Henry Lowther's Still Waters qnt. Pete Hurt(sax), Dave Green (bass) and Paul Clarvis (drums)
24-01-14Shefield Jazz - Duo with Ian Shaw
21-01-14Crazy Coqs - Fantastic newish cabaret venue..with NY singer Linda Purl (to 23rd Jan)
17-01-14Pizza Express Jazz Club - with the Ian Shaw qrt. Geoff Gasgoyne (bass) and Dave Ohm (drums)


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